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About AJ

Just A Little

AJ (Aisha Sayles) founded Stallunique on the concept of  Plus Size means "More to Love". She understood that curves are not to be ignored. In 2014, she had the idea to create a safe haven for everyone who knows what its like to be the "Big Girl" of the friend circle. This now wife and mother of 2 young Kings, is setting the tone for the Sexy/Elegancy of the Curvy World. 



Our mission is to make sure that we not only sell you immaculate merchandise, we also want to sell you the over the top experience that can never be matched. We stride on delivering perfection in a world of beautiful, imperfect people. 


Stallunique has a vision that we will stop being placed on a terrain that separates us according to our size. From this day forward the Curvy World will be unmatched with the guidance, assistance, and professionalism of Stallunique. 

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